Why Egypt?

Egypt is a fascinating country with a rich history and cultural heritage, offering countless opportunities for travelers to explore its wonders. From the famous pyramids and temples to the bustling markets and bazaars, and the local culture and traditions, there is something for everyone. If you are planning a trip to Egypt, it is essential to work with a reputable and experienced travel agency like Expedition Egypt to ensure everything goes smoothly, making your trip enjoyable and unforgettable.

Our Story, Our Mission

Who we are

Expedition Egypt is a group of lifelong friends and family who have known each other since childhood. We share a passion for showcasing the beauty and culture of Egypt to people from all around the world.

Our team is made up of individuals with diverse backgrounds in Transportation, Hotels, Nile River Cruises , Tour Guiding, and expertise in Egyptology, allowing us to offer unique and comprehensive services.

What we do!

As a specialized travel agency, we prioritize the safety and satisfaction of our guests, providing high-end services to ensure an unforgettable experience.

How we do it!

At the heart of our approach is a deep connection to the Egyptian culture and community, where we grew up surrounded by fascinating artifacts and historical sites that attract tourists from all over. We’ve built strong relationships with local families and friends who share our passion for Egyptology and Hospitality. This allows us to offer a personalized and authentic service that makes our guests feel like they’re visiting their own family. Unlike commercial travel agencies that treat guests as mere numbers, we prioritize integrity and personal connections to ensure the highest quality of service. So if you’re looking for a truly memorable and meaningful travel experience in Egypt, we’re here to make it happen!

Amgad Elmasry


Ossama Rashad

Our Tour Manager


George Salah

 Transportation Manager 


Quality Control Manager

About the Founder

Amgad Elmasry

Hello! My name is Amgad Elmasry. I was born and raised in Luxor, Egypt. Most of my life has been spent sharing the great ancient and cultural wonders of my homeland with travelers from around the world. For generations in my family home in Luxor, a stone in the kitchen was used to grind down raw salt for the daily baking, and it was not realized until my great grandmother’s time that the stone was the top of a buried temple pillar. Our home sat above the now famous Luxor Temple! We Egyptians are proud of our history and heritage, and know that there is nothing else like the wonders of Pharaohs on earth. New discoveries are made every year for us to share with the world.

My family and I moved to Nashville, Tennessee in 2013 and became citizens of our new home in 2019. But the sands of our homeland will never leave our blood. Before moving to America, I had gained experience in all areas of tourism and hospitality. After graduating high school in 1993, I worked as a cook, earning a diploma in culinary arts. By 2013, I had become a licensed Egyptian tour guide, with study in Egyptology, and had managed a cruise ship on the Nile for 4 years. 

Experience in Egypt has given me opportunity in America to unlock the secrets of my homeland like no one else. Now, Expedition Egypt seeks to provide personalized experiences, exceptional value, an unforgettable expeditions through an ancient land that you will never forget!

Osama Rashad

My name is Osama Rashad, and I’m a member of the Expedition Egypt team as the Director of Tour Operations. I was born and raised in Sohag, a county in Middle Egypt, and earned my degree in Egyptology in 2007. As a licensed English-speaking tour guide with over 20 years of experience, I’m passionate about sharing the mysteries of Egypt’s history with people from all over the world. 

In my role at Expedition Egypt, I’m dedicated to ensuring that your tour is handled seamlessly and that you’re taken care of every step of the way. We pay close attention to all the details so that you can fully enjoy your time in Egypt. I’ll be in touch with your tour guide on a daily basis to ensure that your tour is going well and that you’re having a great time. Our top priority is your safety, comfort, and enjoyment, and we’re committed to making your experience in Egypt a truly memorable one.

George Salah

Hi, I’m George Salah, a member of the Expedition Egypt team and the Director of Transportation in Egypt. I was born and raised in Luxor, Egypt, and hold a degree in Egyptology. With over 28 years of experience in the tourism industry, I’ve had the pleasure of working with visitors from all over the world, and my passion for history and hospitality continues to drive me.
As Director of Transportation, I’m responsible for ensuring that your journey in Egypt is seamless and comfortable. From arranging for a representative to meet you at the airport to coordinating your hotel check-in and transportation, I oversee it all. Your safety, security, and comfort are my top priority, and I take great pride in providing visitors with an exceptional experience in Egypt.

Marian Misdary

Greetings, my name is Marian Misdary. I am a Coptic Egyptian woman who was born and raised in Cairo, the capital city of Egypt. Since childhood, I have had a deep interest in learning about the history and civilization of ancient Egypt. This passion was instilled in me by my father, who was also a history enthusiast and took me on visits to historical sites such as the pyramids of Giza and Saqqara.

As I grew up, my fascination with ancient Egyptian history only intensified. I pursued my academic studies in this field and eventually obtained my license as a tour guide in 2005. Since then, I have been able to share my knowledge and passion for Egyptian history with visitors from all corners of the world. Thanks to my fluency in English, French, and Arabic, I am able to communicate effectively with people from diverse cultures and nationalities.

I am excited to announce that I am a part of the Expedition Egypt team in Cairo and will be serving as your tour guide. I am committed to ensuring that your experience is not only informative but also engaging and memorable.

George Atef

George Atef As a native of Aswan, I was born and raised in this historic city. My passion for Egyptology and guidance led me to pursue and obtain a degree in these fields from the university. 

With over 26 years of experience in the tourism industry, I began my career as a tour guide in 2004. My passion for the history and archaeology of ancient Egyptian civilization drives me to share my knowledge and love for Egypt with travelers from all over the world. I enjoy getting to know guests from diverse backgrounds and treating them like family. Sharing my love for Egypt through guiding tours is a true joy for me.

Alfred Saber

Alfred Saber is a tour guide from Cairo. He graduated in 2000 with an excellent degree in Tourism and Hotels, specializing in guidance. 

He began his career as a tour guide in 2004, driven by his passion for the subject. According to Alfred, discussing the ancient Egyptians is like talking about his own family. He is also an expert on birds, including those in ancient Egyptian history. He loves sharing the culture and history of Egypt with people from all over the world and has guided groups throughout the entire country, from the northwest to the south, and from east to west.

Peter Farah

Hello, my name is Peter Farah. I was born in Luxor, Egypt, and I currently reside in Hurghada, a city located on the Red Sea. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism and Tour Guidance in 2001. Initially, I worked as a tour guide for a couple of years before transitioning to specialize in customer service and quality control.

I am fluent in English, French and Arabic With over 15 years of experience in this field, my goal is to ensure guest satisfaction by responding to inquiries, solving problems, and providing a top-notch service experience. Meeting and exceeding customer expectations brings me immense joy and fulfillment.


Hi, I’m Salah, a member of the Expedition Egypt team based in Cairo. With over 17 years of experience in the tourism and hospitality industry, I’ve worked as both a driver and a representative. 

Currently, I serve as the representative and drivers manager for our team.

My primary responsibility is to ensure a smooth and comfortable experience for our clients, starting from the moment they arrive. I work closely with Salw, the other representative, and our drivers to ensure that we provide excellent service to our guest. We’ll meet you at the airport, assist with luggage, and assign a driver and vehicle to take you to your hotel. During your stay, we’ll provide transportation to all the sites on your itinerary.

One of my greatest passions is exploring Egypt and discovering new destinations, from the northern coasts to the western desert and eastern mountains. I enjoy sharing my knowledge and experiences with visitors from around the world.

Jacob Samuel

Hello, my name is Jacob Samuel Ghaly, I am a member of Expedition Egypt team, I work as a freelance tour guide in Egypt.

Additionally, I am an archaeological inspector and Egyptologist for the Ministry of Egyptian Antiquities.

I was born and raised in Luxor, a small city that boasts more than 30% of the world’s monuments. Growing up in a family passionate about Egyptian history, I am honored to be the great-grandchild of one of Egypt’s first licensed guides, Mr. Ghaly.

During my childhood, I would play in the ruins of Karnak and the Avenue of Sphinx, which were right in front of my house. As a teenager, I worked with various archaeological expeditions. After graduating from the University of South Valley with a degree in Egyptology and a degree in guiding from Luxor University, I have spent the last 10 years guiding tourists all over Egypt. I am also a member of the Egyptian General Tourist Guides Syndicate.

My true passion lies in helping guests explore remote and less accessible areas of Egypt, giving them the opportunity to meet and converse with local people in villages such as the Nubian Village at Aswan and the rural village on Banana Island in Luxor. As a guide, I aim to do more than just provide information – I listen to what my guests want to know and help them find answers to their questions, from learning to read hieroglyphs to understanding how Ancient Egyptian culture and beliefs were integrated into Christian and Islamic faiths. Additionally, I help them explore recent social and political history.

Many of my guests have told me that the highlight of their tour was the chance to interact with locals and exchange ideas and experiences. As for languages, I am fluent in English, Chinese, and Arabic

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